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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  August 24, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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philadelphia. scary stuff, dave. >> reporter: iain dangerous situation. surveillance cameras were rolling as a pack of teenagers walked up washington avenue to the new dragon city take out restaurant, one of them stood outside. it will an explosive device, tossed it in the door and fled. >> we just heard a loud bank sounded like gunshot. >> this was the scene as an explosive device was tossed into the new dragon city take out restaurant and it went off. >> they just heard something reareally loud explode. >> we just heard a loud bomb and everyone came out the shop we seen a bunch of kids running down the street. >> reporter: employees and owners at businesses in the 500 block of washington avenue in south philly like chris anthony heard the blast and were startled. >> i feel bad for them. come in here every day, you know, they know everyone around the neighborhood. >> when you hear something like that it kind of -- kind of gets i was little bit concerned. >> reporter: reports about the blast stunned neighbors like jason nicholas who lives nearby and shops here along washington
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with his family. >> there's a lot of families around here. so, you know, yeah, you're always concerned and you're always kind of making sure you're looking around and seeing everything is safe. >> this could have been cot traffic consequences here dave. >> reporter: police say the teens were captured on video as they made their way to the take out restaurant. the teen with the explosive device waited outside for a few seconds, lit it, then threw it inside. >> the heating element, gas, things like that, there was glass encasements which could have ended up causing fragmentation. >> reporter: no one was injured in the blast. police aren't sure if the device was a pair of powerful m80 type firecrackers or something bigg bigger. >> it looks like it explodes in two intervals we're not sure if it's twaite separate things to designed to explode twice. >> reporter: neighbors are sure they don't want this to happen again. >> you thank god no one was hurt. >> it could have been a kid in there, mom in there or something. >> you. >> i could have been in there. could have got hurt. >> reporter: now again, no serious injuries. there was some damage to the inside of the store. the own are in was not available for comment today.
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police are hoping the parents of those teenagers will recognize them and call investigators. we'll have the very latest on this investigation coming up at 6:00. lucy. >> all right, we'll check back in with you then. thanks dave. breaking news out of charleston south carolina let's get there hostage situation has ended. police say a disgruntled restaurant employee shot and killed a chef. now police say the restaurant had fired the gunman he was a dishwasher he ended holding people hostage this ended this afternoon when police shot him. we don't know how he's doing. none of the hostages though are hurt. 11-year-old boy shot. police believe he accidently shot himself in the face in his soul philadelphia home overnig overnight. he was taken to children's hospital. he's in critical condition. they do expect him to survive. >> boy scout master and lehigh county facing all kinds of charges to night. prosecutoprosecutors say 50-yead steel steven miller sexually assaulted three young scouts
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over several years at both his house and cat sack what and at a boy scout facility in monroe township. he faces charges including inn volunteer deviant sexual intercourse. happening now, only a week and a half after the violence hatred in charlottesville racist images appear in wilmington discovered wednesday morning. a woman posted these pictures on facebook and it's been shared more than a thousand times. now police are investigating the incident and trying to find out who was behind the vandalism. fox 29's dawn timmeney is live outside the wilmington police department with the story. dawn? >> reporter: well, iain, police are not taking this lightly. they are investigating the incident as a hate crime because of the nature of the graffiti. the people who live in that neighborhood where it happened are simply appalled. >> it exists. it's here. it exists in america, you know. there's nothing you can say to describe how that feels. >> reporter: taylor is referring to racism. images like this posted on a
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local woman's facebook page that have been shared thousands of times. >> he has no words for the hateful antisemitic and profanity laced message spray painted all over his brother's car. the mini van parked on the 600 block of bayard avenue in wilmington vandalized. some time in the early morning hours on wednesday. >> it's ignorant. not knowing. not having knowledge of. that's what ignorant means. >> reporter: bobby mc couric lives right across the street. and was surprised and saddened to see the vile vandalism. swastikas and the words kkk and go back to africa spray painted on the navy car in white. >> you walk out the door you see something like that. it's really just hit me like a ton of bricks. oh! here? >> very hurtful. i never expected anything to happen like this. i never thought anything would occur like this in my neighborhood. never. >> donny hamilton was walking by yesterday morning and says she's disgusted by the racist graffi graffiti. she's just glad the car has been
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taken away. >> my six and eight-year-old be out here playing. i'm glad they don't have to look at it and read it season me wait means. >> reporter: car owners family says while she is type of hate cannot be tolerated they just want to move on. >> only thing that can stop it if we stand together as people, you know. rise above it. >> reporter: wilmington city council today issued a statement denouncing the vandalism calling it cowardly and truly reprehensible. council says one of the city's greatest treasures is its diversity. anyone with information is asked to give wilmington police or delaware crime stoppers call. lucy? >> hopefully they will soon. dawn, thank you. hour up the road from wilmington coatesville residents have seen similar acts of raci racism. in fact they woke up to it yesterday morning. but by nightfall police arrest add suspect. it happened quickly. fox 29's shawnette wilson was there as police let him out in handcuffs. >> can you tell us why you did
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this? what's your past association with the white supremacy groups. >> none. >> you said none? >> did you tell police that? police say you claim to have past association with white supremacy groups, yes or no? >> no. >> why did you do it? >> alcohol. >> all right. did you hear what he said? you said he did it because of alcohol. prosecutors have charged 24-year-old george rizzo with spraying racist graffiti on garage, two cars and a road all on the west side of town. you heard shawnette ask him about the affiliations police say he has with suite supremacist you heard him deny. he's in jail on $150,000. naval drivers have found the body of a cherry hill native off the coast of singapore. they located 22-year-old kenneth smith's body today but called off the search for the other nip sailors missing after monday's war ship collision. smith went to cherry hill east
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high school before joining the navy. >> cherry hill mayor chuck kahn released a statement praising smith for following his father and grandfather's footsteps and serving his country as midshipman. >> the navy is continuing its investigation into the pacific fleet. the commander of the seven fleet has been relieved of duties because of that incident. one expert blamed leadership for these tragedies on a lack and training. >> i think what you're seeing a kill minute nation of years of the navy senior leadership back here in washington, d.c. who have failed to properly man, train and equipment the fleet to do their jobs. >> some investigators believe human error was to blame in this accident. quick phone call may have saved bensalem woman's life. >> scary situation for anyone and thanks to technology she got help fast. fox 29's jeff cole joins us now. so, jeff, what exactly happened? >> reporter: pretty interesting. marriage between humans and technology. bensalem police are praising the
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bold actions of two women tonight an 11 victim sexual assault who used technology to bring help and dispatcher who guided the woman to safety. >> about 7:00 last saturday morning from an apartment in bensalem police received 911 texts from a woman claiming she's been a victim of sexual assault. >> she had felt since the suspect was still in the area that she could not talk to police. so she did text 911. >> reporter: dispatcher work, out of the regional 911 emergency center thinks fast. realizing the text will not provide police an exact location, she you weres the woman hiding in a closet from her alleged attacker to call 911 and keep the line open. police track the call to the apartment. they find the woman and bring her to safety. bensalem's director of police says the savvy use of technology combined with a fast on her feet dispatcher are important tools for law enforcement. >> the dispatcher took it to
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that next step, and it got her to make that 911 call and leave the phone off the hook so she didn't have to talk but got us in there. >> arrested 23-year-old christopher of collingdale delaware county. police work wig the fbi and collingdale police made the arrest. according to investigators, hannigan and the woman work together. the pair argued and he's alleged to have punched, choked and sexually assaulted her at knife point. he's behind bars tonight on a $10 million bail while his alleged victim is being praised. >> the victim saved herself. some had enough sense and enough composure to text 911 and know she couldn't make a call. some people wouldn't have thought that. >> reporter: court records show christopher hannigan has criminal history which may have played a part in that big $10 million bail. bensalem has a system allowing victims to text to 911, other communities do not. including philadelphia.
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>> jeff cole, fox 29 news. lucy. >> all right, thank you, jeff. eighths summer thursday. you know what that means. it's time for orr down the sho shore. live look at ocean city. so nice. what a great day to hit the water. you know in fact, next couple of days look pretty much picture perfect. >> let's get out to kathy whose live in ocean city. kathy? guys, what a beautiful day. i was looking at the forecast thinking maybe it will be cool down the shore with the sea breeze in the afternoon that sun, that summer sun is still really strong, and take a look. lots of people still in the water. the ocean water temperature is in the mid 70s and normally we don't have a lot of people in the water at this time because the guards go off duty. guess what? in ocean city they're going till 8:00 o'clock tonight during these waning days of summer. let's talk a little bit about the forecast. down the shore, we'll show it to you again. there it is. the music peer. we'll be up on the boards later in the broadcast. but that's already getting busy. the temperatures are pretty wa warm. it is 77 in ocean city and sea
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isle 80 in north wildwood 80 in cape may beach haven 79. ocean 74 degrees. as we move inland, 81 in philadelphia. 79 as you move toward trenton and 80 degrees right now in wilmington. tonight, at 7:00 o'clock, 80degrees in philadelphia. by the 9:00 o'clock hour, 74. we'll fall to 72 degrees by 11:00 o'clock but no humidity and that makes all the difference in the world. back here live, we'll have the forecast coming up from the city to the shore. if this is your last free weekend before school starts, i'll see you later in the broadcast guys. this is a ten down here. >> absolutely. >> we turn it to an 11 actually just for that day. thanks kathy. [ laughter ] coming up next, residents in one philadelphia neighborhood say their street is opening up. city told them they'll be out to fix it but could it take more than a month. fox 29 getting answers. so if you haven't heard yet we are very sorry to be the ones to break it to you. a woman won the powerball in
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massachusetts. yup. one ticket the entire jackpot. >> the first thing i want to do is i just want to sit back and relax and i had a pipe dream and my pipe dream has finally come true. i wanted to retire and it came early. >> could you be able to talk. >> i hope so. >> don't toss your tickets just yet. store sold million dollar tickets right here in our neck of the woods. >> eagles just a few hours away from take on the dolphins in preseason game. sean bell is at the linc. sean? >> that's right, iain. i'm at the linc and this is the third preseason game the last one didn't go too well. so doug pederson and carson wentz will talk about what they want to see out of this game tonight against the dolphins much that's coming up later in sports. ♪
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>> you are map owing hop on the powerball mania train. too late we got a winner. 52-year-old hospital worker in massachusetts claim the winning ticket last night. it was 758 million bucks. she already called her employer to tell her she ain't coming back to work. [ laughter ] >> i pulled my outtongue, i have that, i have that. i have that. he goes let me see that ticket. he goes you just won. >> you're joking come on please. sign that ticket now. i couldn't drive anywhere. i couldn't do anything. he followed me actually to make sure i was safely home. >> good for her. she said the first she wants to do is sit back and relax. meanwhile cumberland county one of our crews caught up with
5:16 pm
store owner who sold a million dollar ticket. >> 5:35am i pick up the phone. they told me they're in the from the press and congratulations you wouldn't. i jumped and screamed the whole house. my wife said what happened? calm down, relax, you didn't sell the whole jackpot but you sold million dollar ticket. still we were excited. we're small community. >> abdul is the owner of the ocean food mart in dorchester. that small community he hopes it's someone who knows he wouldn't. four, million dollar tickets were sold in the state of pennsylvania. >> police made arrest in violent robbery in center city. nathan hack whipped out a knife and stabbed a cashier at 7eleven sunday morning on the 1300 block of market street. police say hack is homeless. they found him two days ago on south broad street. he face as list of charges including robbery and aggravated assault. another day, another sink hole. this one near a water and gas
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line in philadelphia. >> it had a one neighbor so nervous he called the streets department and he tells us he couldn't believe the response he got. fox 29's brad sattin is here. not exact al sense of urgency. >> reporter: iain, not at first for sure. neighbors saying they watched this sink hole grow for almost two weeks now and their respone the city promised to look into days. >> it started as a little hole. >> reporter: it is no longer a little hole. it is turned into this. >> that's a pretty gig hole. >> reporter: growing sink hole at ninth and jackson in south philadelphia you wouldn't want to walk on it but we found some drvers unaware trying to park on it so we suggested otherwise. still trash truck were passing by just feet from the hole. it happens with an aging city insta fracture what concerns some is that this was reported by a neighbor more than a week ago and the instability is growing, not to mention that water and gas lines run nearby. >> i noticed it getting bigger and bigger i placed a call to
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311 they send they would send somebody out here. >> when the response he got wasn't exactl exactly reassurin. >> it takes up to 45 days. >> reporter: 45 days? who knows what's under here and neighbors want to avoid scene like this earlier this year in kensington when a water main break was responsible for a sink hole that swallowed up two cars. >> that's insane. 45 days. i mean it could be, you know, ten to 12-foot hole by that ti time. that's that's way too long. there should have been somebody out here right away. >> reporter: while we were there police arrive to cordoned off the area we sent the streets department some photos and were told they'd look right into it but also told us 45 days was more in line with repair time, not first response time. and sure enough, late this afternoon, crews arrived telling neighbors they'd start underground testing right away to try to figure out what's causing the hole. >> that hole has grown in recent days probably as a result of the storm we saw earlier this week. neighbors saying jackson street does have a history of sink hole problems. the city now looking to see if
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an underground water leak may to be blame. they promise they'll look into it tonight. guys. >> brad, let's hope so. thanks. perfect night for football at lincoln financial field. eagles and dolphins practiced against each other all week tonight they'll square off against each other in game three of preseason. >> important night for the eagles they get ready for the season opener in a little more than two weeks. sean bell at lincoln financial field less than two hours until kick off. sean. >> yes. less than two hours. i love it. this is the third pry season game the starters will actually play into the second half. so we're actually going see real football. some actual game planning against each other. now, the last preseason game didn't go too well for the offense especially not the starters. okay. they didn't look right. they weren't in rhythm. something just wasn't there. they practiced all week. game planned to try to get things right and doug pederson and carson wentz talked about what they want to see out of this game so they feel good going into the regular season.
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the first unit overall just a little better execution. we need to start little bit better. start the game a little bit better. you'd love to see points obviously and score maybe a couple of times. we had too many penalties last week. the turnovers are -- even though maybe not the first unit but just the excution, the penalties are the turnovers. we need to come out and play a clean football game. >> we've kind of been all over the place offensively in the first two preseason games, and now we've had chance little bit to actually game plan for these guys and kind of see them in practice now. so the plan is just to go out and execute and be sharp. >> first downs, field goals touchdowns that is what we want to see that's only thing that will make us feel decent about this game. later in sports we'll go to the running backs. that's been a questionable position for this team. they haven't looked great so hear from some of the guys on what they wanted to in this game. back to you guys. >> we'll check back in. thanks, sean. local school district says it's seen a dramatic change in
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the number of suspensions it's giving its students. it's handing out less of them and it says it knows why. and why are these elementary school students standing in the poring rain? the reason has thousands of people sharing this picture. ♪
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one of the organizers of the alt right rallies in charlottesville, virginia, that turn deadly is now in jail.
5:24 pm
police say christopher cantwell turned himself in last night. now, previously, he was in a news documentary about white supremacist neo-nazis and other groups of that sort. he later posted video on youtube upset about his charges. >> i don't think it's wise for me to be, you know, going -- going anywhere. we have done everything in our power. we have used every peaceful and lawful means by which to redress our grievances. >> hate giving that guy any airtime. cantwell faces several charges including illegal use of tear gas he claims he only pepper sprayed a counter protester in self-defense. actor jay thomas has died after battle with cancer. this was him years ago on episode of the late show with david letterman. thomas appeared in number of shows including cheers and murphy brown and was the host of the fox show who wants to marry a multi millionaire back in 200. >> in times of racial and ideological and political
5:25 pm
division sometimes it's easiest to to find hope in the deeds of children. >> let's look to couple of 11 year old boys in florida. check this out isaac davis and nate hell moth safety patrols at their elementary schools. one of their responsibility is to take care of the american flag. when torrential rains hit the school last week the kids went to extraordinary measures to protect old glory. despite the conditions the boys didn't cut corners. they brought the flag down folding it customary 13 times. kudos to them. schools in camden, new jersey, are getting creative when it comes to keeping kids in the classroom. >> it's called the calming room. got to listen to this one. room has variety of stations like yoga, sand therapy, even all kinds of other activities. it's part of a program to drop suspension levels. the school district says that it's trying to be more proactive about student discipline and support. >> we discovered that if we have
5:26 pm
this room where students can have a ten to 20 minute respit to reset and build relationships with staff we are helping them learn to self control and get back into the classroom. >> the superintendent says camden schools have already reduced student says suspensions by 53% just last year. good stuff. coming up long lines at grocery stores. people boarding up their windo windows. texas getting ready for hurricane harvey. >> yeah. no joke on that one. u.s. government is expanding its use of a certain tool to help keep america safe. but you're going to have to look up to see what it is. ♪ >> kathy orr down the shore. unbelievable. on our beaches, lucy, no worries. we're looking at a low risk of rip currents, many people enjoying this day. why not? it's the waning days of summer. the guard are on duty until 8:0. we'll have your forecast from the city to the shore for this weekend coming up when we come back. ♪
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♪ police are on the hunt for the guy they say it will then through an explosive device into south philadelphia restaurant. now police say the teens that you see in this video went to new dragon city at fifth and
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washington one of them it will then tossed that thing into the restaurant. all ran away. no one is hurt thank goodness. it happened about a week and a half ago. police just released this hoping to find the teens. wilmington neighborhood is in shock after hateful and racist messages were spray painted on a van in their community early wednesday morning. a woman posted these pictures on facebook. it's been shared more than a thousand times. residents found swastikas, kkk and the phrase go back to avenue from africa spray painted on the vehicle. police are now investigating that incident as a hate crime. in texas, folks are bracing for severe weather. what was tropical storm harvey has up identified into a hurricane. >> could be the first category three hurricane to hit in quite sometime. corpus christi winds reached 80 miles an hour. landfall is expected late tomorrow in what forecasters are calling a life-threatening storm. intensifying faster than the national hurricane center says once it makes landfall it
5:31 pm
could stall inland for as many three days so there could be a lot of rain bringing major flooding threats. >> we'll start seeing tidal run up this evening and when we start getting from two to 4-foot tied with any kind of inundating rain it causes severe flooding problems for us because the streets just can't drain. >> harvey could bring at least 10-inches of rain between tomorrow and tuesday. all right. let's head back down the shore to ocean city. it's thursday so kathy orr is down the shore. her forecast dean tales about harvey are just 15 seconds away. >> meteorologist kathy orr live in ocean city. >> hey, kathy what day down there. >> um-hmm. guys, this is a ten plus or lucy would say an 11. >> yes. >> i know you were talking about harvey earlier. i have a dear friend that is
5:32 pm
hurricane expert and we're going to have him on at about 5:45ing about harvey and what harvey could even end up meaning for us in the meantime, say hi to all my friends. say hi, guys. >> say hi, guys. >> ahh! >> for some of these kids school is right around the corner, right? >> yup. >> when do you start. >> i start a week from today, so next thursday. >> oh, boy. what's your favorite shore memory? >> going on all the rides. >> yeah. that has to be one of the best. right, guys? emmanuel what's your favorite? >> the ocean. >> the ocean. how is it today? >> good. >> good? cold or warm? >> cold. >> cold. i hear you. >> what about this little lady. this is isabel. what's your favorite memory of the summer? >> um, the beach. >> the beach. good answer. we'll did a little weather then we'll be back to talk more to these guys as they have enjoyed this awesome summer season. right now still a lot of people in the water and why not? the ocean is going to be guarded
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until 8:00 o'clock tonight here in ocean city. right now in philly we have a few fair weather clouds, and really comfortable conditions. 81 with a dew point temperature of 47 that air is bone dry. there's no humidity. the current setup just indicates high pressure over to the west. we have that cold front moving out to sea. and that high is going to bring lots of deep blue skies and some cooler temperatures. take a look at the cooler air moving in from the great lakes. and we're looking at temperatures that are going to be below average for friday, saturday, sunday into monday but it still is going to be beautiful around here you don't have to worry about the heat and the humidity. at least for while. the future cast does show things are quiet. during the day on friday. but by early friday morning, a few spotty showers or thunderstorms could be moving in to the lehigh valley. that's early tomorrow morning. then they just kind of fall apart and don't even make it in to the philadelphia area. so for your friday, afternoon it looks good. and then as we work our way through the evening if you have
5:34 pm
evening plans or coming down the shore, no worries. even into saturday. saturday looks like golden sunshine and a great place to be would be anywhere outside. make sure you make plans. now overnight tonight, 63 degrees in the city. and 59 degrees in our suburb. it will be partly cloudy. during the day tomorrow, 80 degrees for the high. mostly sunny skies. with low humidity and our weather really being influenced by the great lakes. that cool canadian air coming in and giving us three perfect tens on the seven day forecast, 80 for tomorrow. sunny and 79 for saturday. sunday, fantastic, 79 again. little bit cooler for monday, 78. tuesday mostly to partly cloudy, 77. and then next wednesday looking at partly cloudy skies. next thursday there's a chance of showers and that could even be related to harvey. we'll talk more about that com coming up in a few minutes with our hurricane expert but in the meantime, back here live, we are looking at fun still on the
5:35 pm
beach. what do you think? what's your favorite part of summer nadia? >> um, i got to see my brother and he was lives in virginia with his mom, and, um, it was really great seeing him. >> aww that's awesome. these are my high schoolers. what do you think, girls, are you ready to go back to school. >> no. no. >> what was your favorite part of. >> i went to kenya and got to see my familiarly. >> what about you, hon? >> coming here and having fun. >> with your best friend. >> with my best friend yeah. >> one other person i want to you meet. got to come quickly. i know we don't have a lot of time this is my pal anthony from south philly. yo, ant. listen. tell everybody at home what you're doing? what are you making? >> a pool. >> a pool? >> this is -- can i join in you your pool? >> it's not that big. >> it's not that big. i guess that means i'm not invited. all right. anthony, we'll talk more later. okay, bud glee okay. >> we'll see you back at home. all right. guys, zen it back to you in the studio. >> that's so cute. good we realize we have the same favorite restaurant in south
5:36 pm
philly. how do you like that? >> nice. all right there. you go. >> tell him to dig a bigger po pool. >> invite more people n it's not big enough. perfect. perfect. thanks kathy. >> all right, kathy, thanks. are you willing to give ex ex-con the keys to the cash register. one local business owners says absolutely and it's changing lives. >> it is the worst storm hitting parts of china in half a centu century. typhoon has left more than a dozen dead so far. it's not over yet. and the search is on for the missing. ahead at 6:00 what should the city do with the frank rizzo statue? the city wants your help to decide.
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>> at least keep people are dead in southern china. 150 hurt after a typhoon slammed into the area. streets are submerged and residents are flooded homes. experts say typhoon hato the most powerful typhoon to hit
5:40 pm
chin in half a century. >> sears announced this morning it was going to close 281 is in moorestown. two in pennsylvania by the way. willow grove. other in allentown this is in addition to the 330 sears and k mart stores already set to close later this year. the company still has about 1,000 stores. one of the best museum exhibits i've ever seen about to come to town. you'll have a chance to witness treasures from ancient china. >> terra cot at a warriors coming to the franklin institute thousands of years ago the live size clay warriors were placed at the guard of the tomb of china's first emperor the tomb was discover in the '70's visitors will be able to is he what the ten original statues look like. this is the first time in 30 years the warriors will be on display in philadelphia. the exhibit will run from september 30th through march 4th. >> it is spectacular. if you have a chancing to you going to do it. so summer is winding down. don't cover up the grill just yet.
5:41 pm
tailgating season, it's here. and the experts say it is big business. u.s. government expanding its use of a certain tool to help keep america safe. but you'll have to look up to see what it is. ♪ we just moved in about four months ago,
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but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy. just kind of ties in very well. we love it!
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♪ the department of homeland security is looking at new technology to help keep america safe. specifically it's looking to the skies. >> they're not talking about airplanes. drones instead. fox's jonathan serrie has the story from camp shelby in mississippi.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: small drones like this are expected to play an increasing role with the department of homeland security. >> we're going to make our borders safer. >> reporter: william bryant dhs's acting under secretary of science and technology visited camp shell pee in mississippi to which will serve as testing ground to evaluate different types of drones for variety of activities. >> border security is big part of the role they play. search and rescue another big area where they play a role. disaster recovery. >> reporter: in this drone video operators are using simulated village at camp shelby to search for actors in vehicles posing as high valued targets. dhs partnering with mississippi state university which has invested heavily in drone research. >> we see huge economic opportunities for our nation and of course in my home state of mississippi we've already got major manufacturers manufacturing unmanned aerial systems in our state and those companies by the way were incubated on our campus.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: the idea of government drones flying overhead raises privacy concerns for some americans. bryant says the dhs officials are working closely with experts on privacy and civil liberties. >> to ensure that the testing that we do and the activities we do surrounding usa are in alignment with protecting human rights. >> commercial drone technology is rapidly evolving. dhs officials say their new partnership in mississippi will help them stay ahead of the curve. at camp shelby in mississippi jonathan serrie, fox news. >> former schoolbus driver in georgia charged with driving under the influence. >> so take look what police found inside her purse. yeah. open bottles of alcohol right there make matters worse deputies say she was driving a busful of children at the time. school officials found out about after a student teched their parents hey, i think the bus driver is drunk. deputies say carol ethridge goes ouadmits to going out and drinkg
5:47 pm
the day b that's all she's admitting. >> time to head back down the shore. kathy orr is in ocean city. >> though we love be here in the studio we would rather so much be with you right there in ocean city. >> i would love you to be here. look i have three chairs right there. >> oh perfect. >> kathy, lucy and iain. >> nice. [ laughter ] >> and lucy, there's your pink boogie board. >> i'm glad you brought it. >> i see it. [ laughter ] >> i'm waiting for you guys. >> all right. >> we're on our way. >> it is so beautiful. look at all these people having a great time. but you know what we do have to talk about the tropics. earlier in the broadcast you mentioned harvey and right now all is quiet on our beaches. but it may not stay that way. let's take look at some of the graphicgraphics now. for harvey. harvey right now is a category one storm heading right for tech text we have the track of it making a landfall possibly as a cat three by saturday and that ocean is very very warm.
5:48 pm
90 degrees. ours is only 75. and look at how much rain harvey could bring. 10-inches to some locations. and then that storm is going to blaze a trail inland. now, in quite a contrast our weather pretty quiet, ocean water temperatures in the 70s. no rip current risks to speak of down the shore the forecast for the next couple of days 81 for your friday. 76 for saturday. looking great. but as i mentioned the tropics are heating up and back here live my dear friend jim err we are wine former national weather service marine expert. >> hello kathy. >> we do have to be concerned. >> absolutely we're approaching the peak of the hurricane season now and the national hurricane center predicted you'll see thing starting to heat up. now, far cry from what you see off the jersey beaches here is down at the texas coast where they're looking for not only near category three hurricane but ten to 20-inches of rain, heavy surf, inn 91 days of eight to 10 feet and evacuations already underway there. >> so as far as we're concerned, what should everybody be watching as we head toward the
5:49 pm
holiday weekend? it's always terrible timing and we could be impacted by harvey's remnants. >> harvey will float around off the texas coast until early next week we have another seed link trying to get underway off the florida coast and we have to watch that one, too some of the models bring that up close to hatteras as we approach next weekend and also harvey is not finish he's going to come up west of the appalachian and those remnants may approach us from the west over the labor day weekend. >> it could be a squeeze play. >> little bit of a squeeze play. the things peel people should be doing right now checking the national hurricane center page, tv stations to see how they're handling it down there and in the event something does spring up over the next couple of days follow that, too, because like i said if the tropics are heating you. >> you'll watch us right on fox 29. we'll have the latest going into the holiday weekend. last summer it was the same thing. >> absolutely. we had hermine. >> remember? how could i forget? >> thank you so much. >> we'll definitely keep in touch. >> all right, we'll send it back to you. remember, it's going to be
5:50 pm
critical next week. not only have to keep an eye on harvey but as jim said i'll be talking more tonight about this disturbance that's close to florida that could be players specially down the shore for rip currents and also rough surf. >> all right. kathy or thanks much. enjoy. all right. with those sunny days ahead firing up the grill could be part of your weekend plans. >> but as fox's lauren simonetti explains the grill isn't just for the dog days of summer. at any time gating season has gun and it's big business. >> reporter: as summer winds down and the fall weather begins, sports fans everywhere look forward at a to whole new reason to barbecue. >> grilling is that is now extending more into that nfl season. it gets to the thanksgiving time and the holiday time. so this time of year is huge when it comes to food and barbecue. >> reporter: while nffl stadiums may have different rules and park asking range from five dollars to $75 game the tailgating institute of america estimates americans spend $35 billion on food and beverages alone for tailgating
5:51 pm
every year. 2015 webber gill watch is he 4% of fans think it's important to have a ticket to the game. food is what's on everyone's mind with 79% saying it's the most important piece of the tailgating puzzle. when planning experts say small bites make for a better overall experience. >> when tailgating, you don't want huge meals for people that, you know, have a huge plate you want to make it more interactive and make it more fun. >> the bites are small the portions can be quite large. >> grocery stores actually say they sell a lot more of the larger packs so that's one of the things that tailgating bring to the table in terms of the retail side. >> reporter: in their surveillance have i webber found 60% of tailgates say alcoholic beverages are a must have and skate% say a cooler is also crucial. some retailers like canned wine maker the drop designed their product with tailgates in mind. >> cans of wine are even morrell vent these days especially at events like tail gates.
5:52 pm
people instead of wanting to reach into the cooler for a beer might be looking for a wine. >> reporter: history tells us tailgating dates back to the civil war. in 1861, hundreds of people packed picnics and wine to watch and await the out come of the battle of bull run. in new york, lauren simonetti, fox business. willing to give an ex-convict the keys to the cash register? one local business owner says absolutely and it's changing lives. coming up at 6:00 bad news for you. good news for a lucky woman in massachusetts what she plans on doing with her big powerball jackpot. >> big. it's beyond big. it's crazy. police made an arrest in violent sexual assault when a nip 11 business pat cher told the victim to do that helped get police to her so quickly.
5:53 pm
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5:56 pm
finding a job is hard enough but what if you've battled drugs or have criminal record? bill anderson met some people who thought their past may have destroyed their future. >> until they found an organization and local entrepreneur committed to turning things around for goodness sake. >> you have to send the message to other people that they can do it too. that's your charge. >> it's graduation day. day to reflect on all of your hard work to celebrate a turning point in life. to some it means everything but to others it means even more than that. >> i just came home from state prison, um, i'm an ex heroin addict so -- i'm only 20. >> we all got to pass.
5:57 pm
we have a past that a lot of people don't look past. >> reporter: watching them celebrating it's hard to see them as many in society do. as addicts or felons. but thankfully for them, a local program looks past what they've done and into who they are. >> they just want you here to fix yourself. like it feels like a familily you got support as soon as you walk into the tour. >> reporter: it's partnership between up lift work force solution and jeff brown supermarkets. they graduated on tuesday. two days later they start their guaranteed jobs. >> you hear about programs all the time, but not one of them kind of done what they did and give you guaranteed job afterwards. they don't -- it was like breath taking that somebody was able to believe in you and give you a second chance. >> i see beautiful people here that are smart and have unbelievable unlimited human potential. and we put our money where our mouth was. >> reporter: entrepreneur jeff brown hires them and the up lift program trains them. why? they told me that environment and circumstance can
5:58 pm
lead good people who need a chance to feel hopeless. >> to have a second chance you have to have a first chance an lot of these communities the individuals weren't afford add first chance. >> reporter: whatever chance you want to call it it was clear that the graduates plan to take full advantage of this opportunity. >> the last thing someone like me or any of my -- any of my teammates is going to do is let them down. >> reporter: brittany agreed with alexis' message. >> it was once a voice without a sound, once aloft but my i'm found. >> they're thankful for the opportunity to change their lives for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ that's inspiring. >> always is. love it. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ a blast caught on camera inside a philadelphia restaurant. police say this was no accident.
5:59 pm
and now the hunt is on for whoever is behind it. this man off the streets tonight accused of a violent sexual assault. how a quick thinking 911 dispatchers helped find the alleged victim and get her the help she needed fast. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. arrested and charged investigators in bucks county say this is the man behind a brutal sexual assault. his victim so scared at first she could only text 911. thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. thanks to 911 dispatcher, police got to that woman fast. our jeff cole is live in studio. jeff? >> lucy hiding in closet from her alleged attacker a woman sends a text to police a savvy dispatchers her to take one more step. it's a story of the marriage between technology and law enforcement. >> the text appeared on screens
6:00 pm
in bensalem's police department at about 7:00 last saturday morning. a woman in a township apartment hiding in closet was tapping out a text that she'd been sexually assault. >> she had felt since the suspect was still in the area that she could not talk to police so she did text 911. >> reporter: dispatcher in the 911 emergency center knew the text provided important information but would not give police the exact location of the alleged victim. so she urged the woman to call 911 and simply leave the line open. it's all police needed. they tracked the call to the apartment and got the woman to safety. tonight, bensalem's director of police says linking technology to quick thinking tal leapted humans is a great tool for law enforcement. >> so the dispatcher took it to that next step, and it got her to make that 911 call and leave the phone off the hook so she didn't have to talk but got us there. >> bensalem police alongside fbi


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